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  1. Saw your rainbow beacon from an undisclosed location today. Very cool idea that I hope we can expand on. Norm

  2. I have tried numerous times to get a show from Indian Rock in the afternoons. I tried various altitudes, but nothing.
    Has anyone succeeded, and if so can you post your settings and times?

  3. I’ve been seeing this beacon for weeks most clear Saturday evenings on the way east across the new SF-O Bay Bridge and it’s been driving me crazy wondering why it is and why I never see it at other hours. “Is someone signaling? Is it a prank? Is it art? Is it code?” Now I know…and it’s utterly cool!

  4. on Saturday, April 26th, I saw, but there was a blinking white light from the top of Berkeley tower in the afternoon from Crissy field. I am not sure why it would blink but it was regular intervals for a minute or so.

  5. Hooray! The north mirror is working again. Got a nice show from Richmond Annex hill on Tuesday.

  6. Today, I was in downtown Oakland on the 15th floor of a high rise and saw the beacon of light shone from the Sather Tower.

  7. It blinds me every morning as I drive down Telegraph Ave. from Highway 24 toward campus. The solar laser beams burning holes through drivers’ retinas should be redirected.

  8. November 1st at 3:44 pm, visible from my office in SF near Coit Tower. I had no idea about this project – I googled “sather tower mirror” after seeing the beacon.

  9. Loved seeing the show a couple weeks ago from the southwest corner of Dolores Park. I didn’t know it was going to blink at me! Next time I want to bring champagne.

  10. I saw it from a downtown Oakland high rise. It seems to work better if the sun’s behind you vs. at a side angle. I’m southwest of the Campanile, so mid-morning works much, much better than late-afternoon. Great installation! I wish I’d heard about it when it was on the bridge.

  11. I scheduled an appointment to view the Solar Beacon from the dish trail in the hills above Palo Alto one sunny weekend morning a few weeks ago. The trail is popular among the Stanfurd community, much as the (more scenic) fire trail is as well in Berkeley. I was skeptical we would be able to the beacon from so far away (around 50 miles), but it was a clear day so we headed up the steep incline and crossed our fingers. When the time came, even though we could not make out the shape of the campanile itself, the Solar Beacon was clearly visible, flashing its light persistently all the way to the south bay. Pleased that we were able to “let there be light” and share the Spirit of California with the uninitiated Stanfurd community, we headed back down the trail. Take that, (22 feet shorter) Hoover tower.

  12. Monday, September 30, 2013 4:30 pm
    37.926582, -122.304651
    74% (W)
    El Cerrito, CA, USA

    Bullseye! The fire trail from Potrero Avenue in El Cerrito heads west offering great views. There are a couple of spots where the Campanile is visible between trees covering the intervening hills. There are some better spots further along that I will try sometime.

  13. Set it to shine towards the
    Solar Calendar @ Cesar Chavez Park in the Berkeley Marina, about 25 minutes before sunset. Today being the Autumn Equinox, there were numerous folks there for the festivities leading to the sunset who enjoyed the very bright flashing aimed at us from the Campanile, about 3 miles distant. Thanks much to those who made this possible, your efforts are appreciated!

  14. I set up the Solar Beacon (which is currently placed on Sather Tower in Berkeley) to shine in my direction as I was ascending the eastern face of Mt. Tam. It worked like a charm and was brightly pulsing from 18 miles away.

  15. From the America’s Cup races Sunday.

  16. Our whole office saw it at 11:45 looking west from The Towers in Emeryville.

  17. oh, and this should become a permanent fixture. it’s that cool.

  18. Possibly the coolest public-arts project ever. I can only see 1 tower from my roof but the ability to make the light flicker creates staccato moments of joy for myself and my guests. Also, the first time up there it started about a minute late, so the apprehension about whether it actually worked turned into a conclusion that I must have done something wrong….which created a wonderful surprise when the light ignited moments later.

  19. Thank you for whoever scheduled today’s 9:00am. 🙂

    I had no clue that this installation was in place. I happened to be outside on the steps of SSL looking out onto the bay contemplating how a postdoc’s life should proceed; and lo and behold, the golden gate turns into two candles. Kudos to the team; and the scheduler (even if it was automated bot 🙂

  20. 1:15pm from our bay view porch in Piedmont
    We were dubious, especially because it’s foggy today. But we carried our lunches outside,
    and right on time, THERE THEY WERE! Our very own! We took photos to send to friends.

  21. I put in the reservation and it worked great, right on time and bright. The south tower was slightly covered by the fog but the north tower was doing its job.

  22. Saw it twice as I was driving west on University Blvd in Berkeley. Once I made it to the Berkeley Pier and could see it straight on. The other time, it was over by the time I saw it. Berkeley Marina is a good place to put it at free times because it can be seen from University Blvd.

  23. We have been having trouble with our cellular modems occasionally
    dropping out. Today, June 26th, we lost the North Tower connection.
    If you only see one tower, and moved around a bit and still don’t see both, then
    that is the likely story. We are working with the Modem provider and AT&T
    to figure this one out. Make as many reservations as you want!

  24. After several appointments failed due to fog, I was delighted to view it today from my office in Emeryville. It was lovely! My coworkers and I will schedule one again soon.

  25. I could see the heliostats as they were beamed to the summit of Mt. Diablo. I could see the heliostats quite clearly, from my location on the summit of Mt. Diablo.

    Second Image in the Gallery:

  26. My friend Laura and I saw the beacon from the south tower today around 8:00am. We were swimming at SF Aquatic Park cove and were at the opening between Muni Pier and the breakwater. Faboo.

  27. Saw it on TV Sunday during the US Open. They had a shot of the GGB when they came back from commercial.

  28. 10:00am at Berkeley Lab, both towers perfect. Set it up again for tomorrow.

  29. 9:45 AM at San Leandro hills. South beacon very bright. North beacon was initially barely visible. During the 4 minute interval it became progressively brighter, almost equaling the south tower’s beacon by the end of the 4 minutes.

  30. We have discovered that the North Tower’s calibration is slightly off, pointing a little down compared to the
    South Tower Heliostat for East bay pointings. We plan to recalibrate soon, but until then, walk around a bit
    until your find your sweet spot where their beams overlap and become equally bright.

  31. I saw the event I scheduled for 7:55 this morning for viewing form LBNL, but only the south tower beacon was bright, the north tower was quite dim. Is there a problem with the north tower heliostat?

  32. Entrance to the Berkeley Pier at 9:15AM was gorgeous. Such a clear day today.

  33. Saw it shining as I ate lunch in the View Cafe at Lawrence Hall of Science!

  34. Another great show at 8 PM. Both towers reflected but at different times, never at the same time.

  35. This morning, 6th June 8:10 at Rockridge Bart station. Just about visible through the trees at the Oakland end of the platform.

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